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Why The apps are now most important Now a days

Now the world is moving with the android/iOS smartphone. Do you agree with my statement? I think most of the people reading my statement will agree since i am sure they are a smartphone user. It may be android or iOS smartphone. How this became much more important in everyday life. I have thought a lot in this scenario. So i have got many ideas, and the thoughts how this world is now without the smartphone.

My smartphone has been dead for the last three days. I am now without the android smartphone. Only having a small phone of nokia of the nokia phone for the purpose of calling only. I have very frustrated days while having no smartphone and no any android apps that add value to my life. But in case of the work related , i have saved a lot of time, since i was the one who spend a lot of time on the apps that are not very useful for me.

I have some of the ideas to be how to be on the world without android smartphone.

How android apps influence the everyday life

I am now without my phone for 4 days. The only time i miss the phone was truely all the time. But more i miss my android apps and the smartphone is when i am going somewhere. I have to wait for the place if i want, so i have a time to get bored. Sp if i am having the smartphone, i will never get bored.

Ans i missed a lot of friends since i am not in whatsapp and other social media platform. Why, the nokia small phone does not provide whatsapp, mod whatsapp like YOWHATSAPP, and other social media chat applications like Jio's 4G Voice app etc. so that was a terrible to miss my friends.

The android apps plays a vital role in the evryone's life. Now all the things are very easy with the android and other smartphones. although napple iphone also have, but because of the cost of the apple iphone, the users for the android smartphones are very huge number. that is why the android application stores like have huge apps publishing on each and everyday, which is playprotect. The apps downloaded from there are the pure , virus free apps and is the best alternative for the google playstore app market.